JEOFF is a start-up I.T consulting company whose main objective is to assist small and medium-sized businesses in gaining stable and exponential growth by utilizing I.T assets that minimize cost and maximize profit.


We have partnered with leading open-source providers to bring the best customized solutions to our valued clients that deliver top-notch performance at very reasonable licensing terms. At JEOFF, we believe that gold-standard options don’t need to come at gold-standard rates. We provide you the best solutions to cater to all your business needs without breaking the bank; we put your business’ profitability as our prime directive.


JEOFF I.T Consulting is founded and spearheaded by Jeoffrey L. Palacio, banking on thirteen solid years of hands on professional I.T. experience in various industries, gaining a wealth of experience and a multitude of business contacts from I.T. service providers to open-source developers; all of whom have become part of this venture.


As the company expands so does its roster of partners and offered solutions, making JEOFF I.T Consulting the sensible choice.